We want to put $200 of Canadian Club whisky under your tree



You know one thing that’s better than cozying up with a nice Canadian Club whisky over the holidays? Cozying up with a nice FREE Canadian Club whisky! A couple months back I became a member of the CC “whisky team” (yes, that’s a thing) and I’ve been doing quite a bit of that ever since. And today I want to make one person’s holiday season a whole lot cozier by giving away a $200 Legacy Liquor gift card, which they should of course spend on Canadian Club whisky!


Since I became a member of the team I’ve been taking some time with each of their different varieties, searching for a favourite. They flew me out to Windsor, Ontario a couple weeks ago to show me around their distillery and their nearby brand centre, an incredible heritage building that was constructed when Canadian Club was started by a fellow named Hiram Walker way back in the 1800’s.


The place is rich with history, and after you’ve completed a guided tour of it they walk you through a tasting of all their whiskies currently available in Canada. Hearing (and seeing) how their Classic 12 is aged for 12 years, then tasting its smoothness, almost had me convinced that this was the favourite I’d land on, but it’s the Chairman’s Select 100% Rye that I now call mine. Made from 100% single grain rye, this is the style that they originally brewed way back in the day. It’s spicy and complex and the taste, the purity of it along with the historical angle has this history TV show host convinced that it is the best in their lineup. This is my whisky.

To be entered in our draw to win a $200 gift card to Legacy Liquor (SPEND IT ON CANADIAN CLUB!), simply Like THIS PHOTO on our Facebook Page. For an extra entry, tag the person you would share your free whisky with in the comments. We’ll be drawing a winner on December 23rd, 2016. 19+ only.

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