University Student’s Headphone Design Promises Superior Sound


It’s one thing to fix a problem, it’s another thing to come up with a one-of-a-kind solution. After deciding that she’d had enough of flimsy, overpriced ear bud style headphones, local university student, Soha Salem decided to design her own. The result is Akita, a super stylish set of ear buds that are getting a lot of love and attention online.

The headphones look as slick as can be and promise to be lightweight and USB-chargeable, which is perfect for anyone that needs their personal playlists throughout the day. They’re noise cancelling and perfect for wearing on the go.

If this sounds good to you (pun very much intended), check out their Kickstarter campaign HERE. They’ve already managed to raise over $25,000 (just over their initial goal), and they’ve got a few days to go!

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