Sweet Treat #10: Tiramisu Sundae at Savio Volpe


With all of Vancouver’s cafes, bakeries and restaurants, there’s always a sweet treat around the corner. We’re here to help you discover them all.

Sweet Treat #10 – Tiramisu Sundae at Savio Volpe 

Savio Volpe is known for their unbelievable pasta, plentiful wine, and smoke-kissed entrees, but PLEASE remember to save some room for dessert! They have traditional Italian fare like cannoli (which is made from scratch daily), and they also have this UNREAL tiramisu sundae! Their sundae is topped with Beta 5 gelato, marsala and a dusting of hazelnuts. Everything you love about tiramisu meets everything you love about a sundaes. You can’t go wrong.

Savio Volpe is located at 615 Kingsway in Vancouver, BC.