Sweet Treat #17: Truffles at Coco West’s Chocolate Café


With all of Vancouver’s cafes, bakeries and restaurants, there’s always a sweet treat around the corner. We’re here to help you discover them all.

Sweet Treat #17: Truffles at Coco West’s Chocolate Café

Despite last weekend being filled with an array of festive egg-shaped sweets, we still felt the need to hunt down some local treats during our visit to Bowen Island.

Coco West serves gorgeous, small batch, organic truffles and hot chocolate from their chocolate café in Bowen Island’s Artisan Square. The flavour combinations are unique, but never too experiential (the sweet spot). We’re suckers for white chocolate and absolutely loved this little gem, which was filled with a citrus and thyme ganache and covered with a perfectly sweet white chocolate coating.

Coco West is located at 581 Artisan Lane on Bowen Island.