WATCH: New Episode of Flights Season 2 Featuring Red Truck Beer

Written by : Flights' Ryan James.


The craft beer focused web series is back for a second season. Watch the latest episode below and expect new episodes every Monday!

My name’s James Ryan and I’m the director of Flights, a web series focused on BC’s booming craft beer scene. In season one we visited six different breweries across the lower mainland. With each episode we learned more about craft brewing while meeting really interesting and talented people. After a few months off, it’s great to be back releasing new episodes, sharing new stories, and continuing to explore such a unique industry.

Red Truck Beer Company was the biggest brewery we’d visited at the time and so it was interesting to hear how they stayed true to the ‘spirit’ of craft beer while producing at such a high capacity. For Brewmaster Justin Vickaryous, it’s all about quality ingredients and consistency, “brewing is not rocket science. It’s easy to make beer but it can be extremely difficult to make really good beer on a continuing basis”.

Red Truck has an interesting story. It all started with founder Mark James’ vision of beer delivered in the back of old red trucks. They stuck with that idea over the last ten years, starting with a small brewery on the North Shore before moving to a new state of the art facility in the heart of Brewery Creek. Red Truck Beer Company has come a long way but that original idea still shines though everything they do. Their two original beers, their lager and their ale, remain mainstays that many have come to know and love. There’s pride in the history of the brewery and the beer they make.

Today, the brewery and the adjoined ‘Truck Stop Diner’ is a great spot for a beer and some lunch. While we visited the brewery we had the chance to sit down with their GM Jim Dodds and Brewmaster Justin. We also had the chance to talk to two of their brewers: Tom Morrison and Steph Jones.

One of the things I took from our conversation was Jim’s thoughts on how they’ve positioned themselves within the industry as a gateway to craft beer. With some of their more easy-drinking styles they’re trying-and succeeding to convert a lot of macro drinkers into craft beer fans. Like a lot of their beer, their location is very accessible and has helped them to create a great gathering space. Whether you’re coming by for a glass of their Blackberry Bourbon Ale and a burger at the ‘Truck Stop Diner’ or to see a show at their Summer concert series, Red Truck is a great place to hang out.

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