WATCH: New Episode of Flights with Hearthstone Brewery

Written by Flights.


Hearthstone is a small brewery and restaurant on the North Shore that boasts a dynamic, constantly evolving lineup of beers and some of the best pizza in town. Before we visited the Tap and Forno, I didn’t know much about the brewery other than their popular IPA and the fact that their space had once housed Red Truck Beer Company.

Upon visiting the brewery for the first time, I was hooked. The creativity of their beer extends to the kitchen, visible from the restaurant and centred by a massive wood fired forno where many of their dishes are cooked.

From their Graham Cracker Ale to their Cucumber Sour, Brewmaster George Woods seems unafraid to push the boundaries of flavour and style. His unique perspective on brewing translates to a tap list full of variety. George started his career as the experimental brewer for BrewDog in the UK where we had the chance to play around with new ideas for beer. He’s carried that over to Hearthstone, ignoring ‘style guidelines’ and focusing on craft and creativity: “beer is this wonderful thing where science meets art.” For as much imagination goes into their beers, quality and consistency remain paramount.

The same goes for their kitchen where the beers are paired with a variety of European inspired and locally sourced dishes. The warmth of the forno extends to the rest of the space. While the brewery is more compact, the restaurant is comfortable and welcoming with high ceilings and thoughtful decor. Brewery manager Darren Hollet wants this place to be your go-to spot whether you’re stopping by for a beer after a day on the ski-hills or sitting down for dinner with your family.

After a full day of exploring the brewery and capturing their story, we finished with a round of their Tiny Tart Golden Sour and a beef cheek pizza, a delicious pairing. It would be hard to find a better way to cap a day of shooting, or a better place to sit down for a glass of beer and a great meal.

Without any further ado, here’s episode two at Hearthstone Brewery. Cheers!