Young M.A. & The Top 21 Shows To See This Week

The 21 artists you must see this week & Victoria Day long weekend, May 15-22 2017


Ignore the hate and grab your henny, because it’s about to go from zero to a hundred when Young M.A. takes over Venue! Since we’ve got a long weekend coming up, we’ve added 1 more show to our weekly Top 20.
Here are 21 of the best artists playing in Vancouver from tonight till Victoria Day Monday.
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Ron Sexsmith
at The Rio – Monday May 15
Music that will stir your soul and coax out raw emotions.
The Flaming Lips 
at Queen Elizabeth Theatre – Monday May 15
The Flaming Lips are bringing their sweet melodies laced with daring noise assaults while integrated with an emotional and historic kick to The Queen Elizabeth Theatre.
Negura Bunget
at Red Room – Monday May 15
Their powerfully dark presence will swallow you whole and leave you wanting more.
The Wild Reeds 
at Biltmore – Tuesday May 16
Get a taste of ethereal folk, mixed with a rockin’ rhythm and a hint of country twang all at The Biltmore. Learn more about the band with Do604’s interview!
at Imperial – Tuesday May 16
Embracing their diverse styles and personalities, their irresistible sound will surely draw you in!
The Frights 
at The Cobalt – Wednesday May 17
Don’t be “Afraid of The Dark”. The Frights’ catchy, aggressively playful tunes will guide you through the week and into the long weekend!
at Alexander – Wednesday May 17
Support JMSN’s latest, sexy as ever release “It Is” at The Alexander!
Michael & The Slumberland Band at 4×4 
at The Fox – Thursday May 18
Come out and see Vancouver’s dark indie band while supporting Girls Rock Camp Vancouver!
Social Arsonist at Metalocalpstick Fest Fundraiser
at The Rickshaw – Thursday May 18
Bringing old school thrash metal with a mix of new wave of thrash metal to give you the full on metal experience while raising money for Metalocalpstick Festival 2017!
at MIA – Thursday May 18
When two of trap music’s most innovative producers come to MIA you know something’s up and it’s going to be epic!
Eats Everything 
at Celebrities – Friday May 19
His futuristic underground music will eat you up at Celebrities.
Sleep Science 
at The Roxy – Friday May 19
Sleep Science’s melodic rock is full of surprises that will keep you on your toes all night long!
Too Many Zooz 
at Biltmore – Friday May 19
You won’t be able to stay still when you hear their infectious rhythmic base and upbeat melodies. Horns galore!
at SBC – Friday May 19
You’ll be drowning in their black metal savagery.
at Harbour Event Centre – Saturday May 20
Already making waves around the world, Borgeous will be creating a tsunami in Harbour Event Centre!
Black Marble 
at The Astoria – Saturday May 20
Black Marble’s jams will send you back into time and embrace things in a new perspective.
Young M.A. 
at Venue – Sunday May 21
Get sauced with Young M.A.!
Pangaea at 10 Years of Hessle Audio 
at Celebrities – Sunday May 21
Celebrate Hessle Audio‘s 10 year anniversary with Pangaea & more at Celebrities!
Luca Lush 
at Venue – Sunday May 21
This NY trap & bass producer will be making his first ever Vancouver debut!
Matthew Logan Vasquez 
at The Fox – Monday May 22
Playing everywhere from Coachella to Late Night with David Letterman, Matthew Logan Vasquez is making an appearance at The Fox!
at Vogue – Monday May 22
NEEDTOBREATHE’s lavish harmonies and sweeping melodies will leave you awestruck when you feel their bursting energy radiating off the stage.
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