Local Kickstarter Celebrates the Flavours of Vancouver


Vancouver is a place that welcomes diversity, particularly when it comes to food. Italian, Japanese, Thai, Greek, Arabic, Caribbean, Burmese – name it and you can find it, done well.

The Recipe Box Project showcases Vancouver’s diverse flavours with recipes from more than 50 local chefs and food vendors. Participating chefs include Vikram Vij, Hidekazu Tojo, Angus An, Pino Posteraro, and internationally acclaimed chocolatier, Thomas Haas. The recipes cover a wide range of dishes and include something for everyone (even vegans).

As the name suggests, The Recipe Box is in fact, a box and not a traditional cookbook. The included recipe cards are water-resistant, printed on 4″ x 6″ format showcasing drool-worthy photographs along with clear, approachable instructions that will guarantee to inspire your inner chef.
You can order your Recipe Box by contributing to their Kickstarter campaign HERE.