“Emerging Indigenous Voices” award is the best thing happening right now


Earlier this week I wrote THIS POST, inspired by the #AppropriationPrize fiasco involving white media executives in Canada. It’s about how I’ve personally made the mistake of appropriating first nations imagery for use in V.I.A.’s coat of arms, how we’re trying to do better here and with our history TV show when we tell stories that involve First Nations, and how every day we’re learning.

Beyond writing that post I was left wondering what I could do to help right this wrong that’s still playing out. Today the answer came from a lawyer in Toronto who set up a crowdfunding initiative for a new prize that will actually do some real good. The goal of Robin Parker’s Emerging Indigenous Voices campaign was to raise $10,000 to offer as a prize to “support new literary voices and nurture emerging indigenous writers”, and as it has just blown past the $25,000 mark it’s offering hope that our of this ugly mess something really great can result. The conversation has sparked real, positive action, and I encourage you to check out THE CAMPAIGN and pitch in.

“Imagine knowing, as a young writer, that your work is being supported by 1000 people. Our contributions, all together, are worth so much more than one big donation. Together we are a chorus of positive change, creating and building.”