9 of Vancouver’s Must-Try Donut Shops


Doughy, deep fried and highly likely to be adorned with bonus sugary treats (sprinkles, cookie crumbles, etc). Doughnuts are kind of the ultimate sweet indulgence and Vancouver is full of them. Here’s where to grab the city’s best:

1. Harmony Donuts (2945 Lonsdale Ave)

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Harmony Donuts is so cute and so kitschy that we can’t really imagine a better setting to eat donuts in. Like their shop, their cake-like donuts are brightly coloured, come in multiple flavors and are that perfect mix of classic and fun.

2. Lucky’s Doughnuts (2902 Main St and 2198 W 4th Ave)

One of Vancouver’s high-end takes on the beloved deep-fried dough ball. Lucky’s Doughnuts are tasty as they are tasteful, offering gourmet flavours like lemon curd with torched meringue and earl grey with lavender. They serve all the traditional flavours like French crullers, old fashioned glazed, salted caramel and plenty of seasonal and rotating flavours.

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3. Cartems Donuterie (534 W Pender St and 2190 Main St)

Cartems offers so many awesome flavours it’s a borderline challenge to pick one when you walk into one of their two storefronts. Cookies and cream is our favourite but we’re always game to try one of their adventurous rotating savory options (honey parmesan). Vegans take note; there are plenty of donut and ice cream options for you at Cartems!

4. Glazed and Confused Doughnut Company

Want a doughnut but don’t want to move? Glazed and Confused delivers and offers their doughnuts on a suggested sliding scale price range (by doughnation). Their doughnuts are insanely cute and incredibly delicious. They’ve also pioneered a pay a DOUGHNUT Forward Program, that allows you to buy doughnuts for residents of Vancouver’s DTES. While they don’t have a storefront yet, you can order online or catch them at Eastside Flea.

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5. Honey Doughnuts (4373 Gallant Ave)

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The perfect end to a day of hiking or paddling in North Vancouver’s outdoorsy Deep Cove. Honey’s sticks with classics, serving up honey, maple or chocolate doughnuts alongside plenty of other freshly made baked goods. They’re dense, cake-like and massive! Don’t be surprised to encounter a long doughnut-craving line depending on when you stop by.

6. Lee’s Donuts (1689 Johnston St)

Lee’s Donuts have been a Granville Island staple for almost 30 years. Their donuts are made fresh daily and are also absolutely huge. There’s nothing like sinking your teeth into a giant donut from Lee’s while breathing in that island air. Ahhh.

7. Gluten Free Epicurean (633 E 15th Ave)

While they’re not technically a donut shop, their gluten free donuts are way too good to leave off the list! Vegan options are also available.

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8. Duffins Donuts (1391 E 41st Ave)

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3:00am and you need a donut? Head to Duffins! Their 30 year run of fresh baked and prepared in-house donuts has made them a Vancouver staple. They offer 50 varieties and also serve fried chicken, Chinese food and torta subs and are open 24 hours a day! What more could you ask of donut shop?

9. Breka Bakery and Cafe (Various Locations)

Our readers turned us on to the awesomeness that are Breka’s freshly made doughnuts. With Boston Cream and Apple Fritters available 24-hours a day, it should definitely be on you go-to list.

6533 Fraser Street, 812 Bute Street, 3750 W 4th Ave and 855 Davie Street.