Sweet Treat #23: Waffles at Medina Cafe


With all of Vancouver’s cafes, bakeries and restaurants, there’s always a sweet treat around the corner. We’re here to help you discover them all.

Sweet Treat #23: Waffles at Medina Cafe 

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Really, the only challenge of brunch is deciding to go sweet or savoury. That’s exactly why we love the waffles at Medina Cafe. They’re small enough to split as breakfast appetizer or have as a breakfast dessert (BREAKFAST DESSERT), so you can still get your savoury on. You can also choose from a ton of different dipping sauces (white chocolate pistachio rosewater, salted caramel, raspberry caramel), which is awesome, because ordering waffles for breakfast or brunch usually means to committing to one flavour (maple) for the whole meal. Pro tip: order them with ice cream and drizzle the dipping sauce on top. Thank us later.

Medina Cafe is located at 780 Richards St.