Still Celebrating? 5 Cocktails Inspired by Canada’s 150th



Inspired by Canada’s 150th Anniversary, Hy’s Steakhouse challenged the cocktail team at each of its five locations to develop a drink using local ingredients to reflect the tastes of their region. The result was a list of delicious libations made with the best of local spirits and home grown inspiration, perfectly crafted for a Canadian summer.

Naturally, Canadian Rye Whisky shows up along with boutique gin and local craft lager. There’s Hy’s take on the Bloody Caesar, and some surprising, playful ingredients like salmon jerky and house-made rhubarb syrup. Enjoy a cross-country tour without ever leaving your favourite Hy’s.

1. Whistler – Alpine Glow

This refreshing drink heightens local craft lager with fresh ginger, lime and Campari. Candied ginger garnish adds the perfect finishing touch. 

2. Calgary – Spirits of the West

Calgary is the home of the Caesar, and the Hy’s team delivered a true steakhouse version. With a few secret ingredients (peppercorn sauce and pickled bean juice) this take on the classic definitely kicks things up a notch. Garnished with salmon jerky, jalapeno slices and spicy bean, it provides a delicious snack too!

3. Toronto – Muskoka Dream

This perfectly balanced yet boozy Canadian Club cocktail, has a hint of maple syrup, and a promise of warm summer evenings by the lake. 

4. Winnipeg – Portage and Main

Freshly made rhubarb syrup and blueberries, lovingly mixed with Tall Grass gin are the stars of this beautifully coloured cocktail. Served in a tall glass over ice, it has all the flavours of a wild Manitoba summer.

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5. Vancouver – Coastal Wave

This beautiful cocktail is a take on the original ‘Vancouver Cocktail’ from the 1950s made famous at the Sylvia Hotel in the downtown West End. (Recipe below)

“We wanted to find an authentic way to celebrate Canada’s 150th,” said Hy’s Chief Operating Officer Megan Buckley. “Over the last 62 years, Hy’s has understood that Canadians from East to West enjoy a great cocktail. This list is a chance for each of our restaurants to fly a local flag, and share their creations across the country.”

Hy’s Vancouver also features a special Canada 150 Happy Hour menu that includes classic favourites like Hy’s Famous Cheese Toast, along with locally inspired bites like West Coast Candied Salmon, and house made Nanaimo Bars, perfect for sharing in celebration.

The Canada 150 cocktail list and summer Happy Hour features will be available until August 31st. The cocktails may be enjoyed any time, while the Happy Hour menu is offered in the lounge Monday – Friday from 3-6 pm.

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Coastal Wave Recipe:

1.5 oz Wayward Bourbon Aged gin
1/2 oz Punt e Mes
1/4 oz Benedictine
3 drops orange bitters

Stir with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. For an expert finish, curl some salmon jerky into a circle and secure with a short skewer.