Rollercoaster or Waterslide? How to Choose Your Own Adventure at Cultus Lake



Two great parks, one destination. The adventures continues this summer at Cultus Lake Waterpark and Cultus Lake Adventure Park.

Summer is here but only for so long! It’s difficult enough to wrangle your family or friend group for a day-out and even more challenging to find something that everyone can enjoy. Fortunately, Cultus Lake Waterpark and Cultus Lake Adventure Park are open daily, rain or shine, offering a wide range of activities to help you make the most of your summer.

With over a dozen rides and attractions to choose from and free admission at the gate, the Adventure Park is the perfect place for the more daring members of your group at every age, while the Waterpark (BC’s biggest), is the ideal place to cool off while still enjoying BC’s gorgeous summer weather. There are plenty of new rides and attractions to enjoy this summer, so here are some highlights to help get you started choosing your next adventure.

Choose Fun

With over 16 slides, 5 hot tubs, a lazy river and 5 food outlets, Cultus Lake Waterpark has certainly earned its reputation as BC’s favourite waterpark. Waterslides and attractions range from crazy and adventurous to straight-up relaxing. The Colossal Canyon is a state of the art water attraction that starts at an elevation of 75 ft, twisting and winding its way through the trees for approximately 700 ft! View the full list HERE.

Choose Adventure

Take a heart-pounding plunge atop Cultus Lake Adventure Park’s 60-foot Windmill Tower or if you’re feeling really brave, grab a seat on Round-up 360, Canada’s only fully inverted extreme swing ride will take you a full 360 degrees head over heels while simultaneously spinning and vaulting you perilously close to live cedars and train trellises above… Or just play mini golf if that’s more your speed. Hey, did we mention that gate admission to Cultus Lake Adventure Park is free? Guests simply pay for the rides, attractions and refreshments they want to enjoy.

Choose to Indulge

From novelty ice cream and candy, to specialty coffees, burgers, and fish & chips, Cultus Lake Waterpark and Adventure Park have all the fun and delicious treat you’ll need to keep your family going throughout the day. With over 150 picnic tables, there’s always room to take a seat, rain or shine.

Choose to Relax

Speaking of rain, Cultus Lake Waterpark is sometimes even more fun in the rain! With shorter lines, heated waterslides and plenty of hot tub space to go around, it’s the perfect to sit back, relax and enjoy the rain. The Adventure Park is home to classic carnival rides, so be sure to take a nostalgic ride around the park’s classic light-up carousel, or take in the sights with an evening stroll under the treetops and the lights along the Boardwalk.

Choose Something One-of-a-Kind

Cultus Lake Waterpark’s twice annual Night Slide & Concert is happening this year on July 21st and August 11th from 8pm – midnight, so you can slide the night away while listening to some amazing live music.

Ready for adventure? While all waterpark guests pay admission, check the back of your Cultus Lake Waterpark ticket for an Adventure Park coupon – $15 for an Unlimited Rides Wristband – to enjoy another day! Learn more info at and