Dan Mangan Invites Musicians and Fans to Enter Through the Side Door


This and 4 other not-to-miss stories from the Vancouver Courier!

Singer-songwriter Dan Mangan has launched a new project to connect fledgling musicians with more intimate venues and audiences. Read the full story HERE.

4. VPD officer shoots himself in leg

3. From Led Zeppelin to Lady Gaga, Bob Gruen’s caught them on film

You’ve seen his photos, maybe you even had one plastered to your bedroom wall growing up. Now you can see them in person at the first ever West Coast exhibit of iconic rock ’n’ roll photographer Bob Gruen’s work.

2. Documentary gives Canuck a lot to crow about

Canuck and I celebrates the “beautiful thing” between Vancouver’s most famous crow and his human best friend, Shawn Bergman.

1. City’s handling of Trout Lake house purchase smells of hypocrisy

Columnist Allen Garr sticks it to the city for purchasing a Trout Lake home and letting it sit empty for more than a year amidst Vancouver’s housing crisis.


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