Climate Change Jaw Dropper: Great White Sharks Destined for B.C. Waters

This and 4 other not-to-miss stories from the Vancouver Courier!


Cue the music from Jaws. As ocean temperatures continue to rise because of climate change, the great white shark might be coming to a Vancouver beach near you. Read the full story HERE.

4. To a boy, it was just a bike ride. Those searching for him were much more anxious

This story sparked debate on whether we’re stifling children’s independence. 11-year-old Bruneau Fulton told the police officer who found him in New Westminster that going for a long bike ride wasn’t unusual.

3. Controversial 57-storey tower approved for Vancouver’s West End

Vancouver council approved a West End tower designed by the late Bing Thom on land next to First Baptist Church at Nelson and Burrard.

2. Owners pull plug on ‘Electric Home’ preservation

The owners of this 1922 Tudor-style home, which heritage activists consider valuable because of its history as model electric home and the fact that top architects of the 1920s and 1930s designed it, have decided to knock it down.

1. How the West End was won, the upside of growing up downtown

Who said a downtown apartment isn’t a good place to raise children? As the city continues to grow, the West End serves as a blueprint for building urban density without losing community.

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