Polkadot-themed event takes on Ce Soir Noir, which took on Diner en Blanc


The third annual Ce Soir Noir “goth picnic” is taking place August 24th. A response (not unlike the middle finger) to Diner en Blanc, we’ve written about it a few times since it launched 3 summers ago.

Today we received a note from the organizers of another themed dinner in a public park, this one themed around polkadots and billed as “not your stuffy dinner in white”! Ce Soir à Pois, now in its second year, is another answer to throwing a free event in a park, with a dress code. It’s also taking place on August 24th.

Regarding the inspiration for the event, co-organizer Laura Barron says she attended the first annual Ce Soir Noir and decided, with her friend Alex Dang, that it would be great to host another grassroots alternative to the flashy Diner en Blanc. She says “we designed something to be colourful, community-oriented, inclusive, and accessible for everyone, in the true spirit of Main St/Mt Pleasant, the neighbourhood where I love to live”. This year the pair are being joined by Sabrina Lau Texier wh0o is helping organize.

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Attendees of last year’s Ce Soir à Pois. Photo: provided

Again, it happens August 24th in Mount Pleasant Park. RSVP HERE!