Dogtown Vancouver: Doug


Today’s dog featured in Dogtown Vancouver is Doug, Kayla’s pup. Here’s what she had to say about him…

NAME: Doug Marroquin.
BREED: Golden Retriever.
HOOD: Deer Lake, Burnaby.
OTHER INFO: Doug is a vegetarian by choice, his mom will buy him bones from the butcher but he much prefers fruits and veggies. The zoomies start the moment she pulls out a vegetable peeler! He’s a gentle soul with the attitude of a massive puppy. Doug loves a good mud bath; he dives into puddles and emerges in all his muddy glory, tail wagging and dirt flying. This fluffy dope was aptly named after the loveable Golden from the Disney/Pixar movie Up!

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Colleen is a dog-loving, seawall-riding, milkshake-making Vancouver-based writer. She enjoys spending her days off hanging out with mongrels of any and all kinds and frequenting used book stores.