Express Your Inner Hostility With This Adult Lettering Book


If you’re going to tell someone they suck in the form of a letter, it should at least look good. That little nugget of wisdom is the whole purpose behind Please Don’t Do Coke in the Bathroom, the first book from local graphic designer and letterer, Sami Christianson.

Christianson is the talented, creative and slightly perverse (in a good way), mind behind @PrettyBadWords, an Instagram account that is flush with elegantly designed vulgarity. The account, which was intended to be a practice for Christianson’s calligraphy, soon gained a following for its risqué take on the fine art of hand lettering. After getting noticed by a New York based publishing company, Pretty Bad Words is ready to take on a new life in print.

Christianson’s debut book, Please Don’t Do Coke in the Bathroom, is intended to help you “creatively express your irreverent attitude and sarcastic sentiments with beautiful calligraphy and hand lettering”. Featuring a crash course in calligraphy, the book also includes a selection of removable hand-lettered signs, complete with inappropriate sayings. Whether you’re telling your boss to f*ck off or simply need to get a little weird, Pretty Bad Words will help you do it with a little extra style and class.

You can pre-order “Please Don’t Do Coke in the Bathroom” from Barnes & Noble and Indigo Books. For irreverent lettering, follow Pretty Bad Words on Instagram.