This Journal Claims to Increase Productivity, Happiness and Well-Being

That's a pretty big claim from bound paper...


Another soon-to-be success story from the world of Vancouver’s crowdfunding campaigns! The Focus Journal is a “A groundbreaking journal designed to increase productivity while balancing work, happiness and well-being”. Sounds pretty good to us.

So just how does the Focus Journal plan to solve life’s largest problems? The Focus Journal helps you define daily and long term goals by dividing them into manageable tasks. This gives structure to your day and allows your tasks to be prioritized, timed and tracked for progress. Rather than imposing rigid systems, methods or frames of thought, the journal’s structure allows you to plan and execute according to your own way of thinking and fill-out daily summary reports. To keep your brain sharp and focused the Focus Journal also uses brain activities that were approved by DynamicBrain… Cool!

So is this journal all it claims to be? See for yourself by visiting the Focus Journal Kickstarter page HERE