T-Pain commissions Vancouver man to craft insane steampunk desk


Florida rapper T-Pain made another connection to Vancouver this week. Back in April he collaborated with Vancouver-based brand Thuggie, and we’ve just learned that a custom desk has just been completed for him by a local artisan.

Photos courtesy Kyle Miller

In December 2016, T-Pain approached 3rd generation woodworker Kyle Miller of TGT Studios. He wanted him to work on a custom desk to match the Steampunk vibe of his gaming room. The two spent about a month going back and forth on the details and then construction started in the spring of this year. The build was completed at the end of August and this crazy ass desk, complete with “drank” holders, is now awaiting shipment. It’s a 4,600 kilometre trek to T-Pain’s crib, and we’re hoping to follow up with photos of it once it gets there.