5 fun bra-fit facts


I thought I knew how to buy the right bra, but one hour in a dressing room with Wacoal fit consultant Lisa Aleksic revealed I had a lot (really) to learn. Here, the top takeaways from my session, which took place at the Bay’s downtown location, 674 Granville Street:

Tacking refers to the underwire and front portion of a bra resting firmly against the front of your body and in-between your breasts—a gap or gaping space is a giveaway that the bra does not fit you properly.

Your bra provides the most support not through the cups or straps, but through the band. As such, it’s key the band lies mid-back (no higher, no lower), so adjust your straps accordingly.

The best way to see how well a bra will work for you is to, while in the change room, lean forward at the waist, place a hand in each cup and “fluff” your girls up. Stand back up and witness the difference a little gentle handling makes.

While you should never see too much pucker in the fabric of a sports bra or bralette when you have it on, a little bit of excess material around one breast or another is normal—perfect symmetry is rare and, for most of us, no two boobs are exactly alike.

To an extent, that is. In the world of bras, most women, once they find their size, can go down a band and up a cup—i.e., a 34B will be able to wear a 32C without issue.

Bonus fun fact: pads you can pull out of push-up bras are called cookies. Who knew?!

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