This waterproof hoodie is the ultimate Vancouver weather apparel


Designed to keep you comfortably warm and dry, this state of the art sweater knit hoodie just might be be your new favourite outdoor piece.

Vancouverites know, you’ve got to have a good rain jacket and some waterproof boots get you through the fall and winter months. Well, the minds behind Sweet Clothing, which produce clothes for Mia Melon and One Man Outerwear, might have just created another winter-weather must-have.

The Comfy features cozy sweater knit fabric on the outside with a all-weather membrane in the middle layer, plus an extra breathable mesh lining. This makes for a hoodie that’s fashionable, lightweight, durable and water resistant. Perfect for a hike up Grouse or a quick run to the corner store.

No more soggy sweaters, no more heavy raincoats.

To learn more about The Comfy, visit Sweet Clothing Distribution’s Kickstarter page HERE.

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