There’s now such thing as a KFC-scented bath bomb

Sandra Thomas - Vancouver Courier


The KFC bath bomb is real and we know you want one.

Lovers of that signature, savoury aroma of Kentucky Fried Chicken will want to pay attention — KFC has turned its trademark dish into a fried chicken-scented bath bomb.

The Japanese chain of the fast-food favourite has released a drumstick-shaped bath bomb that allows users to immerse themselves in the alluring scent of the mysterious 11 herbs and spices.

But there’s a catch — not every KFC lover will get their hands one of these rare treasures. Instead, names are being entered into a lottery and 100 lucky lovers of the finger-lickin’ chicken will receive one of these much-coveted prizes.

Immerse yourself into a steamy bath that smells like those famous 11 herbs and spices with a KFC bath bomb.

The bath bombs follow other unique KFC and fried-chicken offerings from around the world including coffee cups made from wafer coated in sugar paper, deep-fried corn soup, chicken-scented lip balms, sun screen and candles, and the Double Down, a burger that uses two pieces of fried chicken in place of a bun. (I could go on.)

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