This heroic Vancouverite is crowdfunding a DOG CAFÉ!


Four Paws Café will help empower dog adoption and provide therapy for humans through the strong emotional connection animals provide us.

Nicole Weber is the owner of Animals Helping Animals, a local business that aims to give peace of mind to pet-owners and their pets. As if that weren’t cool enough, Nicole is attempting to make all of our dreams come true by opening Vancouver’s first-ever dog café. Similar to catfé, Four Paws will aim to support rescue animals and find homes for doggies in need.

“We will have a dog lounge were people can pay a fee to interact with adoptable dogs while receiving unconditional love because not everyone can own a pet even though most would love too”, says Nicole. “We hope that the doggy cafe will help find more adoptable pets while providing a theraputic interaction for people who visit.”

In addition to the coffee and dog friendly ice cream, patrons will be able to shop in the boutique for goods being sold by local businesses.

To learn more or contribute to this campaign, visit Nicole’s GoFundMe page HERE.