A local designer has solved the “laptop hunch”


Did you know that the weight of the head on the spine is increased by 10lbs for every inch of forward head posture?

By design, laptop screens are attached to the keyboard, forcing you to compromise your posture. This has resulted in a common problem referred to as the “laptop hunch”, which causes back, shoulder, and neck soreness or pain. Veego Stand aims to solve this problem with a simple, effective and design-driven solution.

Sure laptop stands already exist, but Veego seems like definite improvment on what’s already available. The Veego Stand is only 3.9 mm thin, the equivalent of 2 nickels stacked. At 83 grams light (2.9 oz), it weighs as much as a small box of paper clips. And because it stays attached to your laptop, it’s super easy to take with you everywhere your laptop goes. This means no carting around a bulky plastic stand, no forgetting your stand at home and no more neck, back and shoulder pain.

To learn more about The Veego Stand, visit their Kickstarter campaign HERE