These pants are made from coffee and will last forever


Another entry from the wonderful world of local crowdfunding campaigns.

Dress pants aren’t comfortable. If they were, we wouldn’t kick them off in favour of sweat pants when we get home from work everyday.

Fueled by a burning desire to wear PJ’s to work without looking crazy person, the team behind LEZÉ the Label has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund what they claim are some seriously next-level pants.

Photo courtesy LEZÉ the Label Kickstarter

The 100% sustainable work pants are made from recycled plastic bottles and grounded coffee and come with a lifetime warranty. Unique features include a strategically flexible waistband, removable belt and adaptive fabric that’s wrinkle resistant and moisture wicking.  Run a 1km in the rain, spill some food and still look great at the Monday meeting.

Sustainable clothing
Photo courtesy LEZÉ the Label Kickstarter

To learn more about the pants, or to contribute to the campaign, visit their Kickstarter page HERE