You need to cast your vote for the most memorable Canadian TV show of all time


CBC Vancouver’s Justin McElroy has been going through a pretty great online exercise over the past couple weeks. He wanted to figure out what the most memorable Canadian TV “thing” was, according to a number of voting rounds.

Starting with 64 shows, the first qualifier to be included was that the show had to have wrapped its run by 2012. Next, it couldn’t be specific to one province; shows with national appeal and distribution only. Finally it had to pass this sniff test:

1. Was it primarily made in Canada?
2. Was the primary audience Canadian?
3. Were the primary creators/cast Canadian?

Comedy, Drama, Childrens and Miscellaneous were the four categories that started things off, and the internet was invited to cast their votes. The initial round put fans of the Polka Dot Door up against Today’s Special hounds, and caused a rift between the legions of Beachcombers and My Secret Identity lovers who argued over which had the most merit.

As things started to thin out the choices got more difficult, and voters were forced to choose between The Littlest Hobo and Degrassi (AN IMPOSSIBLE DECISION!). After hundreds of thousands of votes the two finalists were announced last night.

It’s now in your hands. It’s time to make the most important decision of your life: is Mr Dressup Canada‚Äôs Most Memorable (English) TV Thing or is it Kids in the Hall? VOTE NOW.

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