This series of photos of people running for the Seabus is everything


Launched in 2012 by my friend David Walker of St Bernadine agency in Chinatown, #runningfortheseabus is an Instagram hashtag that is just waiting to go viral.

Every few months a new photo is posted to it, and each time one does I sit patiently waiting for a slew of other humans to do what David does and snap candid shots of people… well… running for the Seabus. And then posting that image to Instagram and tagging it #runningfortheseabus.

Unlike the Number 9 bus (or any bus for that matter) the Seabus runs regularly enough that you know when you’re about to miss it. And if you do you have to sit there and watch it pull away and slowly make its way across the channel as you kick yourself for not boosting into gear on the walkway and running to make it on time. I’d venture that 15 of the 17 folks featured in hashtag have made it onto the Seabus they had hoped to.

And speaking of, I’m still holding out hope that this hashtag will catch on to a mainstream audience. Make it happen, people.

Has a chance to catch it. #runningfortheseabus

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Betting she made it. #runningfortheseabus

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You can do it!! #runningfortheseabus

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I'm betting against her. Not enough panic in her eyes. #runningfortheseabus

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