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Hey there single person, were you looking to read your horoscope?

Honestly, we don’t blame you. With the cold setting in and the holidays on their way, it’s normal to wonder about how crazy everything’s about to get. This especially goes for everyone who’s single and ready to mingle, or those who are just plain sick of love (we didn’t forget about you.)

To help you out, we’ve created these horoscopes to help you navigate through the next week.


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Aries, it seems like some things never change. You may have noticed someone creeping into your life…AGAIN. There is no way around this – you’ll be forced to weather a very tumultuous storm if you don’t deal with this (sketchy) person sooner rather than later. Oh, did you drink excessively last weekend? Yeah, don’t do that again.


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You’ve had your eye on that special person for a while, but you’re wondering if they feel the love too. Take notice of small signs to find out if they’re into you. Did they offer you a cookie? Did he or she fill you in about Stranger Things for the third time? This could mean they have the jitters too…act accordingly. AKA ask them out!


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Sometimes you get stuck on odd things like Freudian terminology or old episodes of the OC. Nothing is too crazy for you, and you should approach your next work project like this, too. For once you’ll feel confident throwing out unconventional ideas, and who knows – maybe you’ll get a raise! Love will be in the air…but not for a while.


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Cancers typically seek intimacy, and this week will be of no exception for you. Because you don’t have a lover, you’ll sense a bit of emptiness in your life. Light some candles and try not to freak out. If it gets really bad then treat yourself to a spa appointment – you’ll feel freaking pristine!


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Your element is fire and you aspire to lead the way, but have you taken that too far? Your pursuit of success has been off the wall lately, so you might want to slow down. Good news is that you’ll likely meet a great stranger in the days to come and they’ll make you question the hoops you’ve jumped through within the last few months.


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Like always, you’re totally on-tune. You’ve reached a point of neutrality for even the most negative of scenarios, but what if you fall? Things could get rocky for a couple of days, so just remind yourself, ‘I’ve got this!’ Stay away from cooking and stick to takeout, the oven is not your friend this week. Plus, if you get out then you might just meet that person you’ve been looking for.


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You love for life to be easy, and it’s been exactly that. Now might be the time to laze off in Hawaii or try a snorkelling trip to match your feel good mood. Share some of that positivity with other people and let that one special friend know that you’ve got his or her back. They’ll appreciate it! Also, embrace being single while you still can.



Does your intensity EVER wane off Scorpio? Well, not really. This isn’t an advice column but seriously, try to wipe off your RBF and smile for once. You can fool the person you’re dating into thinking that you’re not green with jealousy, so you’ll be able to move on. Mars is intersecting with Venus which puts you in a great mood, but whatever you do, don’t wear black. You’ll thank us later.


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Your life slogan is basically, “Live the good life, ya’ll!” – well, something to that effect. This week is perfect for extending that attitude, likely at networking events. Stick to the Sprite because you could meet your new manager. If someone asks you for a handshake, make yours light…it will ward off any negativity. Don’t be surprised if you end up meeting a good-looking business executive – this could mean several flights for you.


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You’re into trends but you’re running overtime on a few, i.e. saying “IT’S LIT!” Fine, stick to your dad jokes if you must for the rest of this week as you’ll be able to lift the spirits of someone who’s been in your life a while. Ask that cute person to go for drinks with you – because beer makes everything better.


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Aquarius, why so serious? As usual you’re trying to solve life’s biggest mysteries at the expense of your own reputation. You can’t wrap your head around that unfinished crossword puzzle and you’re trying to remodel the Rubix Cube’s algorithm. STOP, Aquarius! Take up a hobby, paint your house, or build a shelf…this madness needs to end. Once you’ve figured this out, other people will be more open to making a connection with you.


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We don’t mean to be cheesy but it’s kind of funny how as your symbol is a fish, things are looking pretty fishy. You’ve been hiding a secret for a long time…are you ready to open Pandora’s Box? To keep that other person distracted, go wild and whip up some chocolate fudge cupcakes. And whatever you do,  remember that rainbow sprinkles work like a charm.

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