This card game might solve Vancouver’s “social isolation” problem


A truly memorable conversation is a beautiful thing…

Earlier this year, The Guardian posted an article titled, Is Vancouver lonelier than most cities or just better about addressing it? It’s true, our city’s unique brand of social isolation has been recognized around the world, which beg the question; why is it so hard for us to make friends?

Devon de Balasi Brown and Walker Banerd think it’s all about having great conversations, that’s why they created FLUSTER, a new card game that makes friends out of strangers and reveals things you never knew about your closest friends.

The game is based around a deck of unusual questions that inspire thought-provoking conversations and hilarious stories. Questions range from thought provoking to hilarious, ensuring you and whoever your playing with will achieve the introspective and absurd conversations typically achieved by drinking multiple bottles of wine.

The logic behind the game is quite simple; a truly memorable conversation is a beautiful thing, but they don’t happen often. FLUSTER aims to foster meaningful moments with anyone at any time.

Nervous about making new friends? Maybe FLUSTER will help break the ice.

Learn more about the game by visiting their Kickstarter page HERE


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