“Festive” VPD road signs making the rounds on social media


Back in November CBC Vancouver’s Stephen Quinn (whom I already wrote about once today) made this funny tweet below showing photos of a road sign that the VPD put out. It flashes messages at people, wishing us happy holidays while also reminding us that THIEVES WILL STEAL ANYTHING. I’ve seen one on the Cambie Bridge but this one appears to be closer to Hamilton Street.

This person saw it too.

A couple days ago Stephen returned and the sign had a decidedly more festive feel, with some added colour.

In a seemingly unrelated internet incident, the commissioner of the East Van Baseball League, Courtney Overgaauw, posted this photo below to Instagram today. He’s less interested in the mixed messages than he is with the potential irony of someone actually stealing the sign.

I want someone to steal this sign so bad. Just for the irony. #vancouver

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I did a quick search to see if anyone else might be sharing the messaging that THIEVES WILL STEAL ANYTHING and what came up was this strange video the VPD released last year.

The messaging is basically “Don’t leave stuff in your car”, and it’s obviously more effective when they position it like this, so that people will take note of how odd it is. But is it on purpose? We may never know.