V.I.A. podcast Ep 4 – Seafood on the West Coast


We released Episode 4 of the Vancouver Is Awesome podcast today!

Each week Lindsay William-Ross and Bob Kronbauer bring you awesome things happening in your city that we think you should know about. In the middle of each episode we bring in a guest, and our hope is that we provide you with inspiration and smiles, connecting you to Vancouver.

This week’s guest is Ocean Wise Executive Chef Ned Bell, author of the new sustainable seafood cookbook, Lure. We talk about fish farms, the past, present and future of sustainable seafood as well as what to look for when buying fish to cook at home.

Chef Ned Bell

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Show notes for Episode 4:

Part 1:
– Check out the story about how a local school included Lemony Snicket’s The Latke Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming in their holiday pageant.
– Take a look at the sweet Vancouver Special house made of candy, listed at $2,598,000.

Part 2:
– Learn about Ocean Wise.
– Order Ned’s new cookbook, Lure: Sustainable Seafood Recipes from the West Coast.
– Find out more about the Chefs For Oceans non-profit.
– Follow Ned on Instagram and Twitter.

Part 3:
– Get a “free” Ikea Christmas tree.
– Saw down a tree at Alouette Tree Farm.


Produced and hosted by Lindsay William-Ross and Bob Kronbauer.
Additional support from Adam Nanji and Brenna Temple.
Our Associate Producer is Albert Van Santvoort.
We record in the studio at Glacier Media, 303 West 5th Avenue in Mt Pleasant.
Theme song is Vancouver BC by The Smugglers ©1990, available on iTunes.

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Our podcast producers/hosts Lindsay William-Ross and Bob Kronbauer