Coffee enthusiasts are obsessing over this fancy coffee bean grinder


The local Kickstarter campaign has raised almost twice its goal. 

In many ways technology has made the mundane tasks of daily life much less of a chore. That said, it seems like society is yearning for a simpler time, despite our love for washing machines and dish washers.

is a premium hand coffee grinder that’s aiming to be the “no-compromise benchmark” in coffee hardware. The hand grinder company has conducted some serious R&D to create a grinder that’s technology advanced while also harkening back to a simpler time; a time when we had the patience to enjoy the simple things in life, like making a cup of coffee.

Possibly a fluted conical burr. Photo: Hiku Kickstarter

The grinder is comprised of a few wordy technological innovations and while a “fluted conical burr” sounds pretty cool, the most exciting feature to us is the etched grind size scale, which lets your grind your beans super fine for espresso, coarse for pour-overs and any size in between. Oh, it also looks super sleek and fancy, which is always a bonus. 

To learn more about Hiku, you can visit the company’s Kickstarter campaign HERE.

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