If you catch the bus to the ferry from Bridgeport, take note of this change


Running for the 620 bus departing Bridgeport for the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal is a familiar experience for many, but if this happens to be your usual ride, there’s an important change coming to take note of.

Starting December 22, the 620 to the ferry will be departing from a different bay on the bus plaza. The new bay is Bay 11, and this is key to note because you’ll be turning right after coming off the elevator or stairs, and heading all the way to the bay closest to Great Canadian Way, rather than slightly ahead and to your left.

In the course of the bay switcheroos, the former 620 spot at bay 4 will now serve the 480 UBC & N10 Downtown. Bay 3 will now handle 403 Three Road & N10 Brighouse Station.

Signage is up at the bus plaza at Bridgeport, but habits are hard to break. While those headed to UBC will still hang a left, they’ll be taking a few extra steps to bay 4. Riders who are looking for the 620, as well as the 403 Three Road, you’re going to have to head to the opposite side of the plaza than you have been.

Bonus: Keep on keeping an eye out for the Double Decker Test Buses, which have been running on the 620 route recently.

Edited to add: One other small change starting December 22 is that the 601 and 311 (previously Bay 7) are swapping with the 602/603/604 (previously Bay 6).