This Vancouver restaurant has a 2-pound burger challenge


Many have tried…but most have failed.

Can you eat a two-pound burger, bun, fixings, and all, in under an hour? That’s the gut-busting challenge on the table at Vancouver’s Two Parrots on Granville.

Never again.

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Only a handful of people step up to the plate at this funky bar and grill each year to try to tackle the $40 beefy beast, and even fewer succeed. This HuffPo blogger has a humourous account of his attempt a couple of years ago, but, he, too, did not leave Two Parrots victorious.

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Up for it? Fame, glory, and epic stomach cramps await!

Here are a few more glimpses at brushes with burger-eating glory at Two Parrots:

We tried, and we failed ?

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Underestimated this burger #failed #twopounds #foodchallenge

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Before/after. #superbowl

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Jason takes the 2lb burger challenge.

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