20 historical photos of Vancouver in the snow


A Holiday miracle?

After months of discouraging weather reports, local meteorologist are beginning to change their tune! A white X-mas just might be on the way, to celebrate, here are the best frosty, icy, snowy, blizzard-y photos from the vaults of the Vancouver Archives.

A horse-drawn sleigh in front of the Hollow Tree, ca. 1900

Vancouver Archives Item: St Pk P46

Anyone wish they could do this now?

Lifesavers in the snow, 1927

Vancouver Archives Item: CVA 99-1784

Royal Lifesaving Society members Miss E. Robinson and Pete Pantages pose on a snowy beach. That guy never gets cold…

Burnt, frozen church, 1931

Vancouver Archives Item: CVA 1376-667

Interior of First Baptist Church at Nelson Street and Burrard Street. The icicles formed after firefighters attempted to put out the massive blaze that destroyed the church.

Snowy alley, 1916

Vancouver Archives Item: CVA 789-88

Not sure how snowplows managed that in 1916!

Snow scene in Strathcona, 1920

Vancouver Archives Item: CVA 1376-239

Not the most practical snow wear, but they look pretty dapper.

Skiing on Grouse Mountain, 1929

Vancouver Archives Item: CVA 99-1988

Pretty big crowd for the 1920s.

Hastings Street in a snow storm, 1937

Vancouver Archives Item: CVA 260-788

No Ford Model T’s seen in this photo, though they did release a new model that year.

The courthouse covered with snow, 1916

Vancouver Archives Item: CVA 371-1119

Now the Vancouver Art Gallery covered in snow.

First snow scenes on Grouse Mountain, 1929

Vancouver Archives Item: CVA 99-2076

Taken for the Vancouver Star newspaper.

House on the corner of 1st Ave and Waterloo in Kits, 1911

Vancouver Archives Item: CVA 7-66

Way before the bikeway was built.

Beaver Lake, partially frozen and covered in snow, 1898

Vancouver Archives Item: SGN 974

Definition of a winter wonderland.

Snow horse and sleigh, 1941

Vancouver Archives Item: CVA 586-775

Very impressive snow work.

Stanley Park fountain, 1929

Vancouver Archives Item: CVA 1477-613

Probably should have turned this off earlier.

Hastings St. between Homer and Richards, 1936

Vancouver Archives Item: CVA 677-276.6

Hope they had snow tires..

Boats and docks covered in snow, 1936

Vancouver Archives Item: CVA 260-580

Near Dead Man’s Island.

Man standing in snow on North Shore mountain, ca. 1910

Vancouver Archives Item: Mil N85.17

Put a jacket on!

Group of skiers in Enquist Lodge on Mt. Seymour, 1940

Vancouver Archives Item: CVA 586-118

The Enquist family operated Mt. Seymour from the late 1930s until 1951.

Couple with dog on Waterloo Street and 4th Avenue, 1910

Vancouver Archives Item: CVA 7-35

That’s an epic superman curl.

Hikers on Grouse Mountain, 1910 – 1929

Vancouver Archives Item: M-4-10

That must have been quite the view.

A snow covered road leading to the “Seven Sisters”, 1936

Vancouver Archives Item: CVA 260-581

Cathedral trees!