1937 Vancouver UFO photo looks exactly like the recent SpaceX launch


Left photo: 1937 UFO sighting over city hall. Right: Dec 22, 2017 SpaceX launch photo by Karen Hilburg via Twitter

There’s been a lot of TALK about UFOs in the media lately, as the U.S. Defense Department confirmed it had been spending millions of dollars investigating “anomalous aerial vehicles”.

The internet loves a good conspiracy theory, and somebody on the Subreddit r/conspiracy dug up THIS FEATURE of ours from 2012 and POSTED IT. In our article, historian Lani Russwurm recounts the story behind a photo of something that looks like a UFO (or a watermark, or a blemished negative), photographed above Vancouver’s city hall back in the winter of 1937.

As the STORY goes, brothers Wilfred and Leonard Lamoureux went to city hall to photograph the Christmas lights when they spotted something strange. Leonard later described it as two glowing, blue, silent saucers with open ends facing each other, moving horizontally and stopping for a brief moment as he shot the photo.

It was noted on Reddit that the photo, which is now 80 years old, looks suspiciously like the SpaceX Falcon 9 that LAUNCHED over California on December 22nd and freaked people out.

Check out a larger version of the Vancouver UFO photo HERE and decide for yourself.

The truth is out there.

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