See what it looked like to ice skate in Vancouver parks a century ago (PHOTOS)


Many of us have never gotten to experience ice skating on the frozen waters of Vancouver’s public parks in our lifetimes, but a century ago it was fairly common practice.

With the cold steady enough to keep the ice thick enough for holding ice skaters, once upon a time you could lace up and take a few spins on Lost Lagoon, Trout Lake, and Burnaby Lake.

Nowadays, in order for us to be able to skate on our park lakes the Vancouver Parks Board has to give the okay based on the ice thickness and temperature–and it doesn’t happen often!

These photos from the Vancouver Archives are from the 1890s through the 1930s, and show the wintery fun of a time gone by.

Lost Lagoon

ice skating vancouver archives
Vancouver Archives (Circa 1924-25)
Stuart Thomson/Vancouver Archives (1929)
Stuart Thomson/Vancouver Archives (1929)
Stuart Thomson/Vancouver Archives (1929)
Vancouver Archives (1930s)

Trout Lake

trout lake ice skating
Vancouver Archives (c. 1890)
Vancouver Archives (c.1900)
Skaters at Trout Lake, taken for Star Publishing Co. (Stuart Thomson/Vancouver Archives)
Girls Skating on Trout Lake, 1929. City of Vancouver Archives 99-1902

Burnaby Lake

James Crookall/Vancouver Archives (c. 1918-1928)

Rice Lake, North Vancouver

Philip. T. Timms/Vancouver Archives (c. 1910)
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