City of Surrey grants building permit for school kids’ gingerbread houses


There was a little bit of merry-making ahead of Christmas this month as a group of elementary school students applied for–and were granted–a building permit from the City of Surrey to construct a “gingerbread community.”

The students of Division 13 at Bayridge Elementary hand-wrote their application to Surrey’s Planning Department, specifying the construction would take place in their neighbourhood on Friday, December 15. No land would be needed, and no trees would be cut down.

The building materials: “6 crackers, (graham) candies, icing, and chocolate.”

Surrey’s Planning Department obliged, and issued an official permit, including naming the contractor as “Santa’s Little Elves” from the “North Pole, HO HO HO.”

Additionally, the permit denotes the plans allow for access for Santa and his reindeer, along with candy canes, cookies, and icing–but no crumbs or cavities.

gingerbread permit surrey

The actual letter from the school kids and the permit have been shared on Reddit. We’ve reached out to the Surrey Planning Department, however due to the holidays they and Bayridge Elementary are closed, so we weren’t able to obtain comment.

Hopefully construction went well, and the kids enjoyed a delicious demolition.