A Vancouver company made sneakers that are 100% waterproof


Leave it to a #Raincouver company to create the waterproof shoe of our dreams…

No one actually likes wearing rain boots. They’re bulky, uncomfortable and kinda of make you feel like a makeshift fisherman every time you leave the house. This disdain for practical footwear has resulted in a lot of damp feet and stained, stinky shoes, but that’s all about to change.

Perfect for Vancouver-sized raindrops, Vessi sneakers are made from a patented “flash knit technology”, which makes them 100% waterproof. Not water-resistant, not water repellent, not “I thought these were a good idea but now my feet are totally soaking”. Waterproof.

Photo: Vessi Footwear Kickstarter

Unlike rubber boots, these shoes are as breathable and lightweight as your other favourite knit sneakers. Wear them to the gym, wear them to a restaurant, wear them on a hike, wear them in a puddle. Whatever the case, you’ll stay fresh, dry and perfectly on-trend.

To learn more, visit Vessi’s Kickstarter campaign HERE.