These 10 Vancouver intersections see the most traffic accidents


car accident
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Does it seem like there is always a traffic accident on the Knight Street Bridge? There kind of always is, at least according to ICBC’s data.

Knight Street at the Knight Street Bridge, and the Knight Street Bridge proper are the two Vancouver spots that have seen the most traffic accidents in recent years, with 1,156 and 966 incidents reported between 2011 and mid-2016, respectively.

icbc lower mainland crash map

The data comes from ICBC’s Lower Mainland Crash Maps, which they plot out on an interactive map. Their map, by the way, does not include crashes in parking lots and incidents involving parked vehicles.

icbc crash map

These are the 10 intersections with the most moving vehicle accidents in Vancouver:

  1. Knight St/Knight St Bridge: 1,156
  2. Knight St. Bridge: 966
  3. Boundary Rd/Grandview Hwy: 806
  4. Lions Gate Bridge: 803
  5. Boundary Rd./Kingsway: 675
  6. Main St/Terminal Ave: 669
  7. E. 1st Ave/E 1st Ave offramp and E 1st Ave onramp/Rupert St offramp/Trans-Canada Hwy: 586
  8. Burrard St/Burrard St Bridge and Pacific St/Pacific St offramp and Pacific St onramp: 565
  9. Granville St/W 41st Ave: 527
  10. (TIE) Denman St/W Georgia St: 522 and Granville St/Marpole Ave/W 16th Ave: 522

Traffic accidents are definitely not awesome, so if you hope to have less dealings with ICBC, you may want to re-route your commute away from these crash hot spots, and of course, drive safely.

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