This app will jumpstart your career in 2018


Image: Shapr

A new year, a new chance to find meaning in your career.

No matter what your goal is for the year, be it a new job or a corner office, meeting new people is the smartest way to get there. Networking will help you get your foot in the door at interesting companies (hello new job), gain perspective on how to grow in your current role (hello new promotion) and build some new friendships with people in your field (hello awesome happy hours). The easiest way to make the right connections is with Shapr, a networking app that gained popularity in Vancouver this year.

Shapr does the work for you by finding the most relevant nearby professionals who share your interests. The app has a community of over 800,000 professionals who are up for grabbing coffee and sharing inspiration, insight, and perspective with you.

Getting started is simple. Just sign with LinkedIn or quickly build your profile. From there, pick up to ten #interests based on who you want to meet. Exploring a career change? Add #contentstrategy or #advertising to your interests to connect with people in marketing. Curious about #blockchain and #cryptocurrency? Choose interests that broadcast what you’d love to learn about from your match.

Image: Shapr

Shapr will then curate the most relevant profiles for you. Swipe through each – right on those you hope to meet (or click “Meet” if you’re a little old school). When you match, you’ll get a notification and can take that conversation offline to discover possible synergies and ways to work together.

Entrepreneur Peter Leonard says Shapr is how he connected with his content strategist Sarah Nau. He is the founder of Meddle, a dating app that lets you select dates for your friends. On the collaboration, Sarah offers the following:

“It may seem strange to network (or find a job!) with just the swipe of a screen but it takes the pressure off. Shapr gives you the chance to learn ahead of time what someone is looking for, and to assess if a conversation will be beneficial for both people.”

So who will you meet? Download Shapr and make your first connection in Vancouver.