Local app company acquired by Apple to stay in Vancouver



A Vancouver company called Buddybuild just announced that they’ve been acquired by Apple.

They’re one of the local tech companies you don’t hear much about, but are apparently “a leader in continuous integration and delivery for mobile applications”. They help developers build iOS and Android apps easier and faster, and according to Techcrunch the 40-or-so employees will now be working as part of Apple’s Xcode engineering group.

The best news in this – beyond the great success story of a 2015 company being scooped up by Apple – is the fact that they’re staying put in Vancouver.

According to a post on their website, they’ve “always been proud to be a Canadian company, so we’re also pleased that we will be staying right here in Vancouver — a hotbed of developer and engineering talent”.

There’s been no word on whether or not the company will be doing more hiring but we’ll keep you updated.