This real-time Vancouver bus tracking map is pretty obsession-worthy


“Where the #$%&! is my bus?” you ask. My friends, it’s right here. They all are. In real time. With all the details like model, ID, and just how damn late it is. Welcome to this obsession-worthy real-time Vancouver bus tracking map.

bus tracking map vancouver

The website is fed with live data from TransLink, and breaks down all of their buses by route¬†and model–the latter key for those who are nerdy enough to know their New Flyer C40LFRs from their New Flyer XDE60s, and the like.

And it’s all set on an interactive map. Click on any colour-coded bus icon (or pluck out the one you’re looking for) and pull up its specs. Or you can search by fleet number, like, say, if you are a little too excited about the Double Decker Test Buses and want to know exactly where they are (fleet numbers 1008 and 1009, btw).

real-time bus tracking map vancouver

Now, this map isn’t exactly practical if you are standing at your bus stop, looking for your ride to pull up (though there is a mobile app). But if you are in any way enthralled with maps and data and transit geekery, this just may be your new moment of zen.