This Vancouver Instagram account just shares pictures of goats


Isn’t there a saying, “A goat picture a day, keeps the–” No, wait that’s not it. But if it were, there’s a perfect Vancouver-based Instagram account that can fulfill the need.

Called “Plenty of Goats” with the handle @dailygoat, there isn’t much more to explain about it beyond that it’s an IG account that shares lots of goat pictures.

Plenty of Goats started in April 2013 as a bit of a lark by a group of Vancouver buddies. By December of that year they hit the 5,000 followers milestone.

Now the account has over 45,000 Instagram followers, and pics typically get 1,000 to 2,000 or more likes each, and lots of comments. At one point they even had @dailygoat branded merch for sale for the real die-hard fans.

How can you stay mad when this lil guy exists!? #smilelikeyoumeanit #goat

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The account shares all manner of images of goats: Cute baby goats, screencaps of news articles about goats, cartoons with goats, people in goat costumes, cats in goat costumes, goats in hot dog costumes, goat paintings, memes, movie spoofs…you get the idea.

While @dailygoat doesn’t necessarily get to their one-goat-per-day-goal often these days, they still post fairly regularly, and always with an amusing caption.

Here are just a few from the hundreds shared by @dailygoat.

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This one’s for all you goat art snobs

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Kim Goatdashian got back!

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Safety first! #thispictookballs

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