100-year-old woman caps birthday at Vancouver craft brewery

Martha Perkins - Vancouver Courier


How to celebrate your mother’s 100th birthday? Bring her to Storm Brewing to try your favourite craft beer.

Chris Porter is accustomed to people raising a glass to their birthday at Storm Brewing.

But a centenarian celebrant? That was a whole new level of wow for the Vancouver craft brewery.

“She was magnificent,” Chris Porter says of the 100-year-old woman who came to the Commercial Drive brewery earlier this week as part of her “birthday month.”

She was there on the behest of her son, who wanted her to try his favourite beer, Storm Brewing’s Black Flag Stout.

“They were in such high spirits they were such a fun group to host,” he says of the foursome. “It seemed like they’d be going for another hundred years.”

Most people sample a flight of six beers but the group made a concession to age by trying only two. Unfortunately, although the group did pose for a birthday photo for the brewery’s Twitter page, no one at the brewery recorded their names.

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