B.C. hotel offers 3 hour “Quickie” stays as cheap Valentine’s promotion


Photo via @HotelZed on Instagram

Ever heard of Hotel Zed? Their whole thing is kitsch, with locations in Victoria and Kelowna sporting a sort of retro 70s hippie vibe.

Their tagline is “Rebels against the ordinary”, which is important when it comes to trying to make sense of the bizarre Valentine’s Day promotion they just announced.

Their “Quickie” special is pretty much exactly as it sounds: you can book a room for 3 hours for $50, for what they call a “short & sassy Valentine‚Äôs date”. They’re encouraging people to check in for “a quickie before or after your fancy dinner reservation”.

This follows up on a similar, equally-cringe-inducing “Nooner” promotion they did last year where people could book short stays, essentially just to have sex (let’s be honest here).

I asked if they’re at all concerned that the clientele they might be attracting with this promotion could be professionals, as there have always been seedy hotels who will rent rooms out by the hour to sex workers and their clients. Their response was that they’re “not worried at all that our hotel will become a hot bed for illegal activities as a result of this one day promotion”.

There you go.

The promotion only takes place on February 14th of this year, with slots open from 11AM-2PM, 3PM-6PM, 7PM-10PM for $50.

Photo via @HotelZed on Instagram
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