Cougar kitten rescued by the B.C. Conservation Officer Service


If you’re still not following the B.C. Conservation Officer Service on Twitter and Facebook – even after we posted THIS GALLERY of 14 of their ridiculous bear photos – perhaps this tweet featuring a cute cougar they recently rescued might convince you?

Or maybe this one of them saving a deer?

The BCCOS is another example of a government agency doing interesting public outreach on social media, much like TranBC which I have been known to rave about. Their non-partisan messaging is super refreshing.

And they don’t just share cute photos of rescues. Their work is broad in enforcing the law when it comes to natural resources and wildlife in B.C. and they also share stories of enforcement, like this one of how they caught someone poaching a ton of fish near Salmon Arm.

Most things they share offer glimpses into a world beyond our urban bubble here in the city and I will stress again that they’re well worth a follow.