StatsCan is sharing data on how much people pay for weed in each province


Statistics Canada has launched what they’re calling a “crowdsourcing initiative” to collect (and share) data on how much people are paying for their weed, province to province.

The quick online survey went live last week and asks how much you bought, for what price, and what the quality was (low, medium or high). It also collects what province you’re in and the “primary reason” you consume marijuana.

Ensuring users that “all submissions are completely anonymous” the aim is to “support the creation and validation of measures relating to the importance of the cannabis sector in the Canadian economy”. In plain english, it appears as though they’re trying to suss out the market and average out what pot from dealers, dispensaries and licensed medical distributors goes for, so they can put a value on what people will pay for it when it becomes legal this summer.

Take the survey and/or check out the data they’ve collected so far HERE.

This screen grab from StatsCan survey shows British Columbia has the cheapest weed in Canada