This microphone erases recorded vocals so you can do karaoke ANYWHERE


Karaoke is fun because it gives you the chance to be a rockstar for just a few minutes. Screw your favourite singer, there’s nothing quite like hearing your voice in your favourite song, even if your musical ability is… less than stellar.

For those that wish they could experience the high of karaoke every single waking minute of daily life, here’s a new Kickstarter campaign that will get you very excited. 

Photo: Xile KK Kickstarter.

Xile-kk is a bluetooth microphone specifically designed for portable karaoke. With its built-in microchip, Xile-kk can erase the recorded vocals from any input source, leaving only the instrumental background music for you to sing along with. Bye-bye Bruno Mars, it’s our turn to jam out with Mark Ronson.

Xile-kk has two Bluetooth modules, one that connects to your smartphone/music device, the other that connect to your audio output (bluetooth speakers). Simply press the key and your voice will be added to the song and play through whatever speakers you’re connected to. Crazy!

To learn more about Xile-kk, visit the company’s Kickstarter campaign HERE.


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